Unaffiliated Dressage – Summerhouse, Feb 2017

First Dressage outing of the year with the 4 boys at Summerhouse… and we survived!

High Jinks IV (Maxxie) showed off all his winter work to WIN the N30, and then just missed out on winning the N39 too but I managed walk a marker early right at the end.. oppss! (Sorry Max!)

So I thought I would get mum to shout the Elementary and Medium for me …Having had about 2 tests read for me in my life, neither of us are well practiced… a combination of loud music and generally being useless poor Lawa (Torres) did a beautiful Elementary but we got eliminated at the end for going wrong too many times… sorry Torres.. he too would have Won!

So third horse lucky and we finally managed to turn where we were meant to, trot in the right direction, canter where we were supposed to… and Charles RR (Charlie) did two good tests to finish 3rd Elementary and 5th Medium.. he was very expressive and showed off, unfortunately it was borderline wild and control was questionable .. when he can contain it he’ll get some posh marks!

And finally Super Nonks got his turn finishing 5th in the Medium doing some good work between spooking at the flower pots!!

Very pleased with them all.. next time hopefully we’ll be a bit more polished!