Fun Few Days at Barbury Castle

Fun few days at the St. James’s Place Wealth Management Barbury International this weekend in the CIC**!

NANKIN DES RUETTES did a super test, unfortunately not getting the score I thought he deserved for 53.0.  The joys of being 6th to go in a field of 100!  He then pinged round a very spooky, tough sj course clear. Sadly we decided not to run him cross country…  Which he wasn’t best pleased about!

CHARLES RR did another relaxed test and jumped well. He went a little tight and green in the showjumping arena to have an early pole, but showed how grown up he is getting by settling for the second half.  Cross country he was a complete machine as usual!  He ran extremely slowly so we could gain our qualification for Aston Advanced in two weeks time!

Lovely to catch up with so many people, and have a huge amount of support from family, friends and sponsors over the weekend.

BARBHT15_Lici_Hawker_12 BARBHT15_Lici_Hawker_23 BARBHT15_Lici_Hawker_81 BARBHT15_Lici_Hawker_88