Event Update: Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials


Charlie (CHARLES RR) was on incredible form all week!

He pinged round the cross country making it all feel so easy, showing off his power and scope. I was so proud of his performances in all 3 phases. A few little mistakes that we can correct in training and come out better again for Burghley!

I did my first BE90 with Charlie almost six years ago to the day when he was a naughty 5yo…  and now he’s completed two 4*s!

THANK YOU to everyone for all the messages of support and wishing us good luck, it was so special to ride at our local event. Also to all my friends and family who came along to watch and cheer us on!

This week showed just how lucky I am to have the BEST team behind us. Super groom Lewis making sure Charlie was literally sparkling all week, our amazing physio Kerry Clampton for keeping Charlie loose and comfortable throughout the week, Supervet Liz Brown, Chiropractor Leigh Millier, and Izzy and Jodie for keeping the yard going at home.

Big Big THANK YOU to Mum and Dad for their endless support, my mentor and trainer Rhian Jones who without we wouldn’t have been at Badminton, Grampy Bob (Robert Hawker) for owning Charlie, Barbara Whale for always being there offering help and support, and Mark Todd for all the hours of patience with Charlie’s funky flying changes!

A special mention to my amazing sponsors who help make it all happen; Sue Carson Saddles, The Mark Todd Collection, Keyflow UK, EquiClass, Eventing Images, The Neeld Arms, FMBs Therapy Systems and EquiConsulting

And another thank you to Evemy & Evemy, Hi-Ho Silver, FAIRFAX & FAVOR and HOLLAND COOPER for dressing me in lovely things at trot ups!

The biggest THANK YOU goes to Charlie for making a huge dream come true, and we can’t wait for another go!

I have so many special photos from last week… I’ve tried to choose a few of my favourites!

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  1. Very well done Alicia! I remember the first ever event I did with Charlie before you had him, he didn’t want to go near the water jump! haha…look how far did he go! always new he was a good one!! Good luck for the future, you have done an amazing job!

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