Gatcombe Park Horse Trials – March 2015

A great way to start the season at Gatcombe, even if it was in horizontal rain and gales!

CHARLES RR did a lovely test followed by a very confident double clear in the Novice to finish 5th! The best part was XC I didn’t have my arms pulled out!!!

LAWA also in the Novice did a lovely test and double clear, however we were a little slow to get a rosette!

NANKIN DES RUETTES did a cheeky test in the pouring rain and hurricane, still managing a 30 to leave him in the top few after dressage followed by a clear sj in the Intermediate Novice. We decided not to run XC as he goes to Portman next week.

I’m really thrilled with how confidently and happy the horses have come out.

HUGE HUGE thank you to Mum (Ann), Rhian, Vicky and supergroom Ray for helping in the pouring rain all day. And sponsor Tim Wilkinson for braving the weather to take these lovely photos!

Also a big THANK YOU to the Volunteers and Organisers at Gatcombe for making the event happen in horrible weather.