Event Update: NAF5* Hartpury International

CHARLES RR jumped a beautiful CLEAR inside the time round of show jumping in the CIC*** one of very few, at Hartpury after a relaxed dressage in the main arena at Hartpury; lots of little mistakes and he’s not ready to attempt changes in the ring yet, so some very expensive marks lost but there were flashes of brilliance! He was a different horse from Burgham waahoooo!

However we decided, along with nearly half the class, that the ground was too hard to run cross country. The first half of the course was ‘ok’, but the second half had no grass cover and had been aggravated too early which created baked holes. The amount of money it costs to enter and stable, aswell as Hartpury having all the facilities to water the course well in advance of the event it was really disappointing, particularly as most the horses entered are going to Blenheim or Burghley. So we went home feeling pretty sad, to have a horse feeling the best he ever has at an event and not being able to run is heartbreaking; however it was the right decision for the future.


Photos: © Tim Wilkinson, 2016 Eventing Images – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.