Event Update: Burgham International

This week saw me and the Team heading North, a long North to the beautiful venue that is Burgham International and week it has been…

CHARLES RR has completed his Blenheim CCI*** qualification!! YIPPPEEEEE!

He is just unbelievable XC… So bold, agile and totally straight!  He jumped another beautiful show jumping round for an unlucky 4 faults.  However dressage was so disgraceful, we can’t even mention the score, which is really gutting as recently he’s been doing so well in this phase 🙁

My best mate NANKIN DES RUETTES pulled out a 49 double clear with a few time to finish 17th in the 2*, we have too much fun together!  Unfortunately a few unplanned spooks at the flowers in the dressage with a sneaky couple of flying changes meant an otherwise very good test didn’t quite reach the mark it should have!!

LAWA also in the 2*, unfortunately came out his stable on Friday morning with a bumped knee; as he was sound we decided to do the dressage but it hadn’t settled down enough to go jumping 🙁  So we had a very sulky black pony in his stable on jumping day…  Fingers crossed this horse has some luck soon, 2016 isn’t turning out to be his season!

Burgham International was so worth the VERY long journey to compete on PERFECT ground, it was well run, there was a great international atmosphere and the course beautifully built, fun, but bold!!!

HUGE thank yous have to go to Mum, Barbara and Maddie for being supergrooms for the past five days, and Ray and Holly for looking after and riding the other 10 horses at home!

Also a big big thank you to Katie Neat Photography for these lovely XC photos, kindly organised by Tim Wilkinson and Dave Cameron!


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