An Educational Week with the Youngsters

It’s been an educational week with the young horse at West Wilts and Solihull contesting the BE90 Opens.

MO CARA RUA (Paddy) finished 4th at West Wilts with a 27 dressage score and a steady round cross country in the pouring rain!  He came out better again at Solihull to finish on his dressage score of 22.5 to WIN by nearly 10 marks!!!  Clever padz 2nd, 4th and 1st in his first three events! Sapey will be his next event.

PAINS WICK KING WEASEL (Weasel), owned by Lucy Hicks Beach and Lily Wakefield, went very well at his first BE events. 32 dressage, clear show jumping and just one little green moment cross country in an otherwise great round at West Wilts. Solihull he did his best test to date for a slightly disappointing mark of 29, a seriously pingy clear show jumping and one wobble cross country.  He has learnt a huge amount this week and is definitely one for the future.  A Mega FEI pony in the making!  Sapey Horse Trials is next for him.

5yo MISERDEN RAVELLO (Flo) owned by Sue Andrews completed her first ever BE90 and only second ever event at West Wilts. She did a sweet test, showed off all her scope show jumping to jump clear and just had a couple of green moments cross country.  She cantered across the finish line feeling very pleased with herself and confident!  She is going to be very talented and special, I can’t wait to do some more events with her after a couple of weeks break.

HUGE HUGE thank you has to go to my super grooms and supporters, Mum, Barbara, Maddie and Ray for helping at home and at the competitions.  A monsoon on Wednesday at West Wilts to baking hot at Solihull on Saturday we’ve had it all.  Also a special mention to Tim from Eventing Images for coming and supporting and taking these photos at Solihull.  Great shots as always!