XC Schooling, Boomerang style…

On Sunday we took my own LAWA and MISERDEN RAVEL long with first timers Mrs Caroline Bowen’s UMBERTOS DIAMOND, Miss Lily Hicks Beach’s BUA BLUE and Mrs Jo Keveth’s THE CONSULTANT to Boomerang for some XC schooling.

They were all feeling very fresh and bold… I can’t wait to start the season now!

NANKIN DES RUETTES and CHARLES RR were sulking while out hacking before we left, however they get their turn in a weeks time!

Big thank you Mum, Barbara and Ray for being supergrooms and Tim Wilkinson (Eventing Images) for the awesome photos!

Lawa (black with white star), Miserden Ravello (little grey), Bua Blue (big grey), Umbertos Diamond (dark bay) and The Consultant (bright bay)